Where to Buy Cheap Treatment Chairs

Where to Buy Cheap Treatment Chairs

If your purpose is to provide the highest comfort in cosmetic services to your customers, meet our professional, functional, best-manufactured tattoo chair. If you want to merge together the decorative values ​​with functionality plus user comfort, you should meat a tattoo chair that is made with eco-leather cases. Such a fabric impresses the viewer by its excellent look. It can be cleaned and maintained easily. we offer tattoo armchair, Massage chairs and much other variety for best massage chairs. These are also called treatment chairs.

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 Tattoo chair

Tattoo chairs having a hole at the headrest completely describes the inexpensive massage benches. if there are also other services in your salon, our cosmetic furniture would be best for all uses. Let’s take a look at our product with regard to cheap treatment chairs. we express our products at different points.

  • Let’s describe our first Treatment chair V2 gray – 303068 of height 125 cm in length and 86 cm within armrest and 64 cm width without armrest. The height of the seat is 60-75 cm. this chair has backrest height from the seat is 68 cm and the total weight of the chair is 55 kg. this seat can bear the maximum load up to 400 kg.
  • Just meet our well designed vidaXL Portable treatment chair in which artificial leather of 185x78x76 cm dimension is used that is comfortable and durable as well and the chair is available in white color. this multitalented portable treatment chair having a detachable pillow is the best choice and can be used in professional salons or just home base. It can be easily cleaned and creams or massage oils do not affect it. This adaptable chair is manufactured with steel and wooden frame which makes it great and long-lasting. There are a backrest and 2 separate footrests that are easily foldable at a maximum 45 °angle. The headrest and armrests can be removed. This foldable chair can be placed in a carrying case. it is made with 100% Polyurethane material.
  • Buy our other product which is Treatment chair V2 Split available in white color. The total height of the chair is 125-140 cm while its depth 185 cm. the total measurement of the width with armrest is 86 cm and without armrest is 64 cm. the height of the seat is 60-75 cm whereas width consists of 63 x 53.5 cm area. Its backrest height is 68 cm which is from the seat and the total weight of the seat is 55 kg. this seat can carry the load of a maximum of 400 kg. From here you can find a lot of information on how to buy cheap treatment chairs(Köp billigt Behandlingsstolar).

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