Labrador Puppies: What You Need To Know

Labrador Puppies are a very popular breed of dogs, particularly amongst families looking for a loyal, loving and child-friendly pet.  They are beautiful to look at (and Labrador puppies take some beating in the cuteness-stakes)  and are a very gentle breed – their ancestry as working dogs trained to retrieve foul shot by their masters has given them very ‘soft mouths’ as adults, though as with most puppies  a nip from an overexcited Labrador pup will still hurt!

Labrador puppies are intelligent and learn tricks and commands very easily, so it should be easy to train your new puppy.

Remember that when buying or adopting that Labrador puppies, like many purebreds, can develop hereditary medical conditions later in life that are not apparent when they are young.  Common amongst this breed is dysplasia of the hip and elbow and conditions affecting the eye.  These can be tested for through the Kennel Club or British Veterinary Association if you are prepared to pay, though you may not want to know if it is likely that your dog will become ill later on – you may be prepared to take that risk and take out adequate pet insurance to cover the cost of any unknown conditions that become apparent later on.

If you are buying from a breeder, always make sure that the breeder is reputable and not a puppy-farmer in disguise.  A good breeder will be as bothered about interviewing you as a potential owner as you are about interviewing them – they will want their puppies to go to good homes and do not ‘breed to order.’  Make sure you meet the mother of the puppies and see the puppies in their normal environment.  This will give you an idea of each puppy’s temperament and their level of socialization.  Furthermore, you will also be able to get an impression of the mother’s health.

The only real difference between a dog and a bitch Labrador is the fact that the bitch will be ‘in season’ twice a year or so, which can be inconvenient at the best of times.  If you are planning to adopt, the puppies available for adoption from charities such as the RSPCA will all have been neutered or spayed, so this will not be an issue going forward.

Labradors are energetic and need a lot of exercises.  They love playing fetch and will play to the point of exhaustion – so make sure you let you and your dog rest, especially on hot days.

Labrador puppies make great pets and grow into lovely dogs that will love you for their whole lives.  They’re great with families and a real pet that children can have great fun with. Think about adopting rather than buying, just so that you can give one of these lovely dogs a second chance at the good home they deserve.  Adopting puppies also reduces the demand for puppies for sale, which in turn makes it more likely that other puppies will find a good home for life.


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