Jahira Dar net worth

Net worth $2,700,000
Age 34 years
Cesar Millan’s wife Jahira Dar
Born first February 1985
Country of origin Dominican Republic
Source of wealth Creative director, actress, and stylist
Last updated 2019


Jahira dar did not know when Cesar a millionaire personality would be so important to her as a loving partner. True?

Yes, it’s 100% true!

Jahira was a sales lady on Gabbana store at Dolce, an actor as well as a wardrobe stylist.

By chance, she had an association with the reputable Cesar Millan who changed her life altogether.

Now Jahira Dar is an icon.

Great luck- she is rich enough to consider her net worth ($2,700,000).

Keep reading, and you will know about her biography, job, Career, personal life, net worth, and much more.

Biography and Physical Features

Jahira born on 1st February 1985 in the US. Despite she did not mention her parents and family. She belongs to mixed ethnicity as she is American by nationality. Presently she is living in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

Jahira Dar-Fiancé of Milan is 34 years old and born in feburary1, 1985. Initially, she is from the Dominican Republic. However, she worked in different places in her entire life.

Then, she started her career as an actress and salesperson. In her entire life, she did not get any fame and popularity until she met Cesar Millan.

There is a rumor that this couple starts dating in 2010. But Millan was married in 2010 and living with his wife. The relationship started in 2012 when he got divorced, and she was doing a documentary film on his life.

Truly Love can bring people to life; according to Millan, her finance is very loving and caring. She took care of him when he was in the hardest time in his life after divorce.

Furthermore, she gets an abundance of fame because of Milan. They disclose the relationship when the first time Milan post an Instagram post with her and announce their engagement.

Jahira got an expensive ring on her engagement that adds to her net worth. The beautiful couple is living in a fancy house in Los Angeles.

 Let’s discuss some of Jahir’s physical features.

Look matters a lot, especially when you are living with dynamic fame like jahira. Beautiful lady Dar is 34 years old with black eye color. She is 5feeti and 5 inches with a curvaceous body figure.

Naturally, her hair is black, but she keeps changing her hair color. In some of her pictures, she has a blond color. She is a pretty and hard-working girl.

Job and Career

 No doubt Jahira suffered a lot of ups and downs in her Career, different jobs in different natures of businesses. At Dolce & Gabbana, which is an Italian luxury fashion house; she worked as a salesperson. Also, she works as an actress for documentaries and movies, but she never gets any fame with that.

The turning point of her life is her acting event as a host in a documentary movie –Cesar Millan in 2012. This show really changes her life.

Later there are rumors about jahira and Millan dating that compel them to be life partners. But she gets to know Millan while she was doing a documentary movie on his life. At that time, he separated from his first wife Illusion with a broken heart.

She is also a professional stylist and a wardrobe consultant.

Now she appears in different TV shows and events with her husband. Further, they often post their pictures on social media sites with dogs.

Jahira and Cesar are happy together with love emotions for each other as well as for dogs.

Personal Life

Dar lived an active life as a normal citizen. She being enthusiastic tried to work as the best artist, but she could not get as much as she wished. Apart from this, she shines like a star just due to his personal life as a generous lady to Millan. At that time, he was alone and sad due to his crash with his first wife. Dar was his girlfriend for years.

National Geographic makes a documentary film on Cesar Millan’s life, and she worked in it. And now they are together, and she is working as a creative director at Cesar’s Way Inc. She is loving and caring by nature. This act of kindness makes her close to Millan.

Now they are living happily.

Awards and Nominations

Jahira gets the popularity after engagement with Cesar Millan.

However, she worked in different movies and documentary films, but she never gets any nomination and award.

Besides her fiancé, Millan is a dog lover. The reason for his popularity is his show ‘Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan.’ Jahira’s lover –Millan nominated for Emmy awards.

How Much Is Jahira’s latest Net Worth?

Jahira being an actress and former stylist has a decent amount of money. Also, she does not need to worry more about finance due to her husband Cesar Millan who has a net worth of $ 25,000,00.

As jahira is the life partner of a rich person along with her money, she has $ 27,00000.

Yes, she is living a luxurious and happy life while wearing exclusive brands and enjoying the lavish lifestyle.


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