How does Muscle Fatigue Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Muscle Fatigue Cause Erectile Dysfunction


There is a lot of conversation about chronic illnesses and erectile dysfunction, but no one talks about muscle fatigue. Do you know that you may get erectile dysfunction without having any chronic illness or medical health issue? Yes! It is possible to have erectile dysfunction due to having muscle fatigue. Most of you may prefer to buy generic Levitra vilitra 20mg in Australia without knowing the real cause of erectile dysfunction. If you don’t have any medical health issue but still has erectile dysfunction, muscle fatigue might be the reason. To learn about muscle fatigue and its connection with erectile dysfunction, let’s read this article in detail.

What is Muscle Fatigue?

Muscle fatigue is basically such a condition of muscles in which they lose the ability to perform their function as required. When a person suffers from muscle fatigue, he fails to perform his routine jobs. For example, if you have to pull heavy loads but you’re having muscle fatigue, you won’t be able to pull them. Similarly, if your arm muscles are fatigued, it becomes difficult for you to even move your hands effectively. In simple words, the inability of muscles to perform their job is the muscle fatigues.

Connection Between Muscle Fatigue and Erectile Dysfunction

Do you know that the penis is also a muscle which is made up of different tissues? When these tissues fill up with blood, they get erect. In contrast, if these tissues fail to get the appropriate supply of blood, they fail to erect. Along with receiving the good supply of blood, these tissues also require a force to erect. In the absence of this force, it becomes difficult for the penis to erect which causes erectile dysfunction. Thus, we a person is suffering through muscle fatigue, he loses the ability for erection. To perform best in case of erection, it is important to have healthy muscles without fatigue or affected blood supply.

Causes for Muscle Fatigue

We can easily classify the causes of muscle fatigue into two different categories which are:

  1. Muscle fatigue due to ageing
  2. Muscle fatigue due to medical health issues, e.g. heart disease, stress or depression, or Addison’s disease, etc.

Treatments for Muscle Fatigue and ED in Australia

In the first case, a person may get erectile dysfunction and muscle fatigue due to the natural process of ageing. If this happens, you may treat it through natural and effective ways. For example, diet changes, increase in physical activity, relieving stress, and getting proper sleep may help. In other cases, getting the right medications along with these lifestyle changes does the more benefit. Taking multivitamin supplements along with medications and a healthy diet also helps with the process of ageing, muscle fatigue, and ED.

In the second case, you can’t treat the muscle fatigue and erectile dysfunction without taking any medications or therapies. When muscle fatigue and erectile dysfunction couples with a medical health issue, then it usually goes in the long run. Sometimes, the medications for treating a particular illness itself becomes the reason for muscle fatigue and erectile dysfunction. For example, when you take medicine for lowering down the high blood pressure, it slows down the blood flow/pressure. Then, the other organs and muscles get the minimum flow of blood that affects their performance as well as energy level. Ultimately, it sometimes leads to muscle fatigue and erectile dysfunction in men. If you live in Australia, you can access the world’s best doctors and medicines to treat such issues. For example, you may buy generic Cialis Apcalis oral jelly 20mg in Australia for treating ED along with taking other medications for other relevant health issues.


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