Health and Physical Education Book

Health and Physical Education Book

Physical education and training, deliver a deep knowledge in major activities that is helpful to improve the physical growth, health, and body structure of a person. recently, many schools, colleges, and universities mostly offer the syllabus of health and physical education in many degrees.


Physical education was founded in ancient Greece time, but now a day, it has become a very important subject of the recent syllabus. For this subject, African Americans and women did very hard work regardless of different approaches to physical education classes.

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Early Physical Education

The teaching of physical activities and fitness or Physical education was originated from Plato’s school, also called Akademia or ‘The Academy’ in English in 386 B.C.E. Friedrich John is the ancient founder of modern health and physical education books.

At the beginning of the early 1800s, he was a school teacher and started to teach a subject to the students of his school and that subject consists of the syllabus of outdoor physical education activities. The parallel bars, balance beam, and rings that are his methods of teaching and are very helpful and basic tools for gymnastics.

Actually, he made the first gymnastics club for youngsters and elders. In 1825, Charles Beck introduced the gymnastics in the United States when he started teaching in Northampton, Massachusetts that was a reformed school from the German system. In 1826, one more German named Charles Follen also contributed to this subject, created the first college gymnasium at Harvard University.

Dewey, Reform, & Physical Education

At the end of the 1800s and start of the 1900s, there came a big change and the concept of physical education in public schools started. In 1866, in all over the country, California was the single state who passed a law in which there were daily two exercise periods in public schools. At the start of the 1900s, there came a dramatic change.

An American psychologist John Dewey brought an advanced education movement in America, through which some reforms were implemented in the education system. His movement’s main focus was about a child that was totally related to education and hence physical education was added as a syllabus in more schools.

The main purpose of Dewey’s movement was that physical education knowledge was observed to be helpful for the students in getting a few social goals. Physical game was considered as the best way to learn in the advanced education system.

During the 1910s when there was WWI time, physical education became a part of schools teaching in America.  The military health evidence described a report according to which near about one-third of all freshmen were physically not suitable for a fight during the war.

Hence, the United States government took it very seriously and passed a law to improve the quality of physical education classes for students all over the country. This decision delivered very good results as It made a lot of youth physically fit and even those who were not able to join the military in WWI because they were unfit earlier but after learning this syllabus they were perfect and can work even in factories during the war.

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