Does High Blood Pressure Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

High Blood Pressure


The people with high blood pressure usually report the issues of erectile dysfunction more than others. Due to this, many people question whether high pressure is the reason for erectile dysfunction or not. However, it is interesting to know that high blood pressure is directly associated with erectile dysfunction. Before going into details, let’s find out first if you’re already going through erectile dysfunction. If so, you must start taking medications for it. For this purpose, you may buy generic Viagra suhagra 100mg in Australia in the right dosage and see the results. However, if you have specific health conditions such as high blood pressure, you must read the following information first.

How high BP lead to ED?

When a person complains about high blood pressure, it means that the blood is flowing rapidly than usual in his body. To maintain a balance or to slow down its pressure, there are a number of medicines in the market. If a person takes a specific medicine for controlling blood pressure, it reduces the flow of blood. As a result, the blood fails to reach into the thin capillaries and vessels in a proper amount. When this happens, the thin blood vessels in the penis receive only a limited amount of blood. Such a reduced amount of blood is not sufficient for them to aid in the erection. Thus, a person starts facing erectile dysfunction issues after taking blood pressure medicines.

Do all BP medicines cause ED?

Certainly not. There are some medicines that don’t lead to erection issues. However, you can’t switch from one medicine to another without taking the doctor’s approval. Suppose that you’re living in Australia and a patient of blood pressure. At the same time, you start facing erectile dysfunction issues and want to treat it without affecting blood pressure. So, you must look for a good doctor in Australia or visit a pharmacy in Australia to take a pharmacist’s suggestion. It is important to keep in mind that most of the blood pressure medicines lead to some sort of erectile issues. However, the intensity of the erectile dysfunction may vary from person to person or from medicine to medicine.

Some useful tips

Here are some very effective tips and suggestions for those who go through high BP and erectile dysfunction. Let’s read these below.

  • Always keep in mind that diet changes play a great role in managing blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. If you are not eating healthy, it may be the cause of high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is important to eat a great variety of fruits and vegetables than eating unhealthy meals.
  • Increasing your daily physical activity also plays the most significant role in improving the blood flow. Through engaging in healthy physical activity on a daily basis, you can easily defeat these two health issues.
  • By drinking 8 glasses of water per day also helps in regulating the blood flow. As a result, the blood gets diluted and easily reach to every single thin vessel without taking medicines.
  • Last but not least, having a good night sleep benefits in erections and proper blood flow.


Medicines to treat ED in Australia

If you’re living in Australia, you will easily find a great number of effective medicines for treating BP with ED. For example, you may buy Avanafil in Australia to improve the blood flow to your penis. The best thing about this medicine is that it is the same to use and won’t disturb the blood supply to other parts of the body. However, it is still important to discuss it with your doctor first before starting any new medicine.


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