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Her father left the family immediately afterwards, to look for work to raise the children. Chanel was entrusted to the care of a Roman Catholic orphanage at Aubazine, where she spent almost seven years. During this period she had her education at the orphanage convent, up to 1900, and later at boarding school in Moulins, until 1902. While at the orphanage, the nuns taught her the trade of a seamstress, a form of vocational training that would help her to lead an independent life in the future. Little was it realized at that time, that the training given by the Catholic nuns of the orphanage to Chanel, had laid the foundation of a worldwide movement that was going to change the way women dressed in the 20th century, relegating the traditional conservative forms of dressing to the dustbin. After Chanel attained 18 years of age, she left the orphanage and took up work as a clerk in the "Au Sans Pareil" hosiery shop, at Moulins, from 1902 to 1904.