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So, if you use the type, make sure to increase this contrast. 9. RulesThis is a sure point to spark a lot of debate and to divide all the designers of the room half proclaiming that there are no rules in design, the other protest, there are many. And technically, both are right. As with any skill, there are things you need to learn, and that includes general rules. Things like: make sure your type is legible, learn kern, do not use pixelated images, and so on. These are the basics of design, elements that help you create a basic design. 10. DirectionAn important aspect of many models is how the eye moves on the page, and the direction it takes this is sometimes referred to as "flow". How does your eye move on the page?Do your readers know exactly where to look next?Does the direction of your eye take logic?However, instead of designing 100% of these models, try to adapt the flow and direction of your designs on a case by case basis. Just keep in mind that the eye gravitates to the top left of a page and that winds down from there.