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Socially, these ads would be displayed in magazines, newspapers and on the internet, trying to get responses from audiences who view them. Although these ads would have to be positioned in society effectively in order to promote their services to the right audience. Sporting magazines, sporting sites, social networking sites and the sport section of the newspaper are just a few examples of the ideal places where these advertisements should be shown. I thoroughly believe that these three graphically designed advertisements for KPT Personal Training would successfully attract an audience, if located in an appropriate setting, that they are targeting in order to use the service that they are offering. The repetition of the colour and the logo would help people to recognise it if they had previously seen it, the slogan would help people remember the company and the fact that there is more than one form of advertising material means that a larger amount of people will witness the advertisement and therefore would attract more people than if just one form of advertisement was created. After reading the weekly reading for week 12, I researched a few Perth based graphic design companies. Surprisingly, I found an exceptional amount of graphic design companies right here in Perth. We were then to research one Perth Company, industry or workplace with which we have some familiarity with. Seeing as I’m only first year uni student and was unsure what do at uni until the end of year 12 I have had little experience with actual graphic design, so I thought to myself who out of my family would?My sister!She works for Platform Communications, which is a consultancy that specialises in providing creative corporate communication services to the mining and resources industry. Computer scientists are constantly inventing new and exciting ways of expressing creative works in such ways as the Internet. “New tools developed by computer scientists can be used by artists or other creative practitioners within a wide variety of contexts”Mitchell, 2003.